Insight Surgery and Wrightington Hospital NHS launch the “Glenoid Guide System​”

The INSIGHT Glenoid Guide System was developed by Insight Surgery in collaboration with  leading surgeons Professor Puneet Monga and Professor Ian Trail at Wrightington NHS Hospital. With the Trust as part-owners, the NHS will benefit from its commercialisation 

The System is an entirely novel method of accurately calculating the most suitable axis for a primary shoulder arthroplasty that does not rely upon healthy glenoid anatomy.

A new patient-specific Surgical Guide has been developed to translate the axis accurately and easily onto the patient.  Turnaround times of 5 working days can be achieved from clinician instruction to delivery.

  • Is simple to use, low profile for ease of access to the Glenoid face, and robust, coming as a single piece 
  • Uses reference points away from the Glenoid face to determine the Friedman Line and point of entry on the Glenoid face
  • Has multiple legs for stability with a patient-specific portion that sits flush with the exposed face of the Glenoid to ensure accuracy 
  • The System works particularly well when dealing with complex cases where the Glenoid itself is deformed or eroded. It can be utilised alongside any implant. 
  • It is provided exclusively by Insight Surgery (an ISO 13485 certified organisation) in the UK as a Custom-Made medical device.