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point of care

Benefits of Embedded Hubs

MORE COST EFFECTIVE for your organization over in or out-sourcing with a variety of packages available
RAPID ABILITY to receive in-person surgical planning and devices on-site
ACCESS TO ON-SITE full time & experienced medical bio-medical engineers & 3D mediical experts
INCREASE AWARENESS and engagement more easily with an embedded facility
IMAGE DATA can be communicated easier due to in-house nature of solution
Point of Care / Digital Platform

digital client portal 


Clinicians can easily order new medical devices such as virtual or physical patient-specific anatomical models and track their progress through Embedmed
Accessible on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, anytime, anywhere.
Advanced visualization capabilities to allow you to review & assess patient cases
In-built analytics allow institutions to understand improvements in patient outcomes and operational / health economics
Medically compliant, built to ISO 13485 quality management standards for medical device regulations

Health Economics

How can 3D technologies reduce your operational expenses?

The clinically proven benefits of using medical 3D technologies for improving patient outcomes are clear. What is not clear are the financial benefits of using medical 3D technologies in order to reduce operational expenses for your institution. We have been collecting clinic and health economic data for almost 10 years on thousands of cases, across all surgical disciplines. There are a number of key financial indicators as to how to form a business case to cost effectively utilize medical 3D technologies.
Reduction in theater time / increase in scheduled surgical lists
Reduction in invasive surgery
Reduction in custom implant use
Total avoidance of further surgery
Point of Care / Digital Platform