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A full cranio-maxillofacial package of digital planning, guides & implants

Insight Surgery can offer your organisation 3D / CAD modelling and planning services as well as the physical manufacturing of 3D printed surgical cutting guides and implants. Our CMF team comprises of subject matter experts who have worked on hundreds of cases including:
Maxillary and mandibular resections and reconstructions with cutting guides and custom titanium plates. Midface reconstructions (orbital floor reconstruction, midface implants / onlays). Cranioplasties. Orthognathic surgery (Lefort I, BSSO, bi-maxillary osteotomy with or without genioplasty).

3D Printed Titanium Implants

Insight Surgery can offer patient specific CMF implants in titanium TI6Al4V. Patient-specific implants include:
  • Cranio plates
  • Mandibular reconstruction plates & implants
  • Onlay implant (cheek augmentation, mandibular augmentation)
  • Orbital roof / floor implants
  • Orthognathic plates

3D Printed Surgical Guides

Patient-specific surgical guides are becoming more commonly used in CMF surgeries. The surgery is planned in detail using advanced medical software and with our platform, EmbedMed,. We will then manufacture the surgical guides in a bio-compatible and sterilizable polymer, ready for use on the patient for procedures such as orbital floor reconstructions.