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3D Segmentation, Design & Models

3D Segmentation

Medical modelling lies at the heart of any medical 3D printing service. The majority of Insight Surgery’s’ products have their origin in patient data and the accurate extraction and segmentation of the data is paramount to providing models and devices that are fit for their purpose. Insight Surgery uses a variety of leading commercial medical segmentation software applications and can offer your organization virtual modelling and planning services for surgical procedures.
3D Segmentation, Design & Models
3D Segmentation, Design & Models

3D Design

Insight Surgery has an experienced in-house team of expert 3D CAD modellers. Using advanced software, we can assist your organizations in either developing existing medical device designs, or develop devices from the beginning. In addition, we can provide prototype 3D printed models during the course of the development as well as final products that can be brought to market.

3D Virtual /Physical Models 

Patient specific 3D Printed anatomical models can be used for a variety of clinic, research and educational purposes:
  • Pre-surgical assessment & planning
  • Sterilizable patient specific models for inter-operative reference in the theater
  • To improve patient-doctor communication
  • Education & Training
3D Segmentation, Design & Models

“I found the 3D models useful, not only for pre-operative planning but also to understand and identify trochlea dysplasia patterns.”

Specialist Knee Surgeon,